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Red by Taylor Swift

Red (CD Album) by Taylor Swift


The story behind Taylor Swift's blockbuster "Red" and the palette of producers, songwriters, experiences and emotions she used to create it spans ten days before the release of it, Scott Borchetta is in "redundancy mode." That means checking, double-checking and triple-checking every aspect of the 16 tracks on the album. Nothing about the process is musical; it's all a case of security."Every day that the album doesn't leak is a victory," says Borchetta, president/CEO of Big Machine Label Group (

The clampdown isn't just in Borchetta's office. People who worked on the album have been asked to not say a word until it's released Oct. 22. Swift and her band have a string of nine TV performances during the album's first 10 days of release, and they're sticking to the four songs that have been pre-release on iTunes (Macpherson, 2012). The new CD has a completely changed style mainly because of the new collaborations. The context of CD has also gone a step ahead in terms of creation, atmosphere and edge. Various themes like RED fragrances and the collaboration with PAPA JOHNS provided a new touch to the launch of the CD.

Tracks Review

Love and heartbreak are always two things involved in Swift songs. Swift has managed to make three albums from it and earn a lot of money from it and the country crooner has just begun taking her hold on the love business. With a fourth album set for release, everyone is on their toes to get their hands on the "Red" album (Hampp & Lipshutz, 2012). A track listing has already been released for "Red" and eaves have already kicked in song per song. Rather than sticking solely on her country roots, Swift goes a bit techno and "Red" is a mix between pop and country. Yet, "Red" all the more promises a mixed bag of sounds and emotions enough to put anyone on a rollercoaster of sentiments.

"State of Grace" opens up the album which is a bit of indie rock probably inspired by Coldplay and Radiohead. In the song, Swift talks about being blindsided by love which as her fans know full well of, happens all the time. The notable lyrics are as follows: "I never saw you coming / And I'll never be the same." Given the title of the album is "Red", the song "Red" would of course be part of the album. A few music critics claim it's a bad try at auto-tune still Swift manages to try a little stint of Faith Hill. With the repetitive metaphor and banjo-like strumming serenading in the background, Swift goes to croon to the sentiments of moving on from love (Hampp & Lipshutz, 2012).

Of course, Swift's hit song that made debut weeks before and continues to rock the Billboard charts is "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." The song obviously takes a hit at Swift's past love with the music video involving dance moves, instrumentalists in hilarious ...
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