Reducing Use Of Plastic Bags

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Reducing Use of Plastic Bags

Reducing Use of Plastic Bags

Word Count: 1715Reducing Use of Plastic Bags

Situation Analysis

Australia followed the example of China's announcement of its intention to eliminate the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, as environment minister said the new Australian on Thursday that he would like to start to get rid of this habit by the end of 0.2008 The Environment Minister Peter Garrett yesterday, there are about four billion of these plastic bags floating in every place and at a rubbish dump to end up with influence in our land and our shores, while appearing to be in the Holidays''. He said Jarrett, who was president of the World Wildlife Fund in Australia, told local media, “I think that most Australians want to get rid of them. I daresay that the elimination is crucial. (Baur, 1999)

Literature Review

We want to see implemented in the first phase.” And China launched a crackdown on plastic bags on Tuesday, which imposed a ban on the production of the bags are very thin and prevented their use in the major markets and shops from the beginning of July 0.2008, "said China's State Council in a note on the government-mail, should encourage people to return to carry the bags cloth and the use of baskets Khaddrawathm”. According to a report on China's trade news site that the people of China use up to three billion plastic bags a day, and the country should refine five million tons of crude oil annually for the manufacture of plastics used in packaging. In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of nearly a billion of the plastic bags used by consumers in New York City Council approved the city annually on the first draft a law requiring supermarkets to develop programs to recycle those bags. The draft law is expected to be approved by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the shops with an area of 465 square meters also provide the bags are recycled, and the use of bags emblazoned with a letter urging the recycling. Christine Kane said City Council President that the cost of these projects would be “ridiculous” for reasons including that it will be able to shops selling the bags to the recycling projects that pay up to $ 100 per ton of plastic bags and transforms them into new products such as plastic furniture. (Ampuero and Vila, 2006)


Plastic bags are made ethylene, a byproduct of gas and oil. Oil, gas and coal are other non-renewable resources common uses.


Plastic bags are not recycled or re-used just in landfills or littering the land and sea. Plastic is not decomposed; therefore amount of plastic in the middle environment grows every year. (Pereira et al, 1999) When burning plastic emits toxic gases, dioxins and metals heavy. Plastic bags, weighing little and be resistant to humidity, float easily in the air and water, can travel long distances. The elimination of plastic is considerable expense. It is unpleasant to see the stock plastic rolls also have an enormous impact on ...
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