Reflection Paper: Balance And Awareness Paper Based Upon Questions

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Reflection paper: Balance and Awareness Paper Based upon Questions

Reflection paper: Balance and Awareness Paper Based upon Questions


Discovering one's own self is important element in any one's life, because it facilitates in communicating and growing surrounded by others. Knowing one's own self ultimately guide to select the right path in the life, after that an individual will become to take his own decisions by knowing what is good and bad for him/her and what exactly he/she wants. There are many people who have not completely discovered themselves and are unaware of their needs, wants and their goals of life. Therefore, life put them in such circumstances that they learn through their experiences and teach them lessons which help them in getting mature. I have also gone through with some of the situations which have made me learn a lot of things and have made me think of morals and values of my life. Through this self awareness and balance paper, I would like to share my experience of what I have learnt throughout the course and how it has helped me in knowing my own self with different concept and experiences.

Reflective Paper

There are different elements in reflection, class discussion and reading from the text “Living in Balance” which is written by Joel and Michelle Levey that have brought real “Aha” moments. In order to identify my major insights and learning till the date can serve as the basis for broadening modern self help book. While referring to the moments which are referred to as “aha” moments, there was nothing much regarding the latest information, until now it was more about self validating familiarity of the combination of feelings and experiences through the way of this exciting and novel expedition here at Unity Village and Unity Institute, in which I was accompanied by being a fresh student.

Everything for me was seems to be so familiar, but in this conscious and self awareness, I was not been here before. The manner I would like to illustrate my initial day, I would like to begin it with the first day when I took an admissions and interviews with UWM, then moving ahead within few days to turnaround and the move to Missouri. It just looks like it so vague and distorted. I was present in each part of the first day's experience, but at that time I felt like I am in a place which becomes so objectives at times which was actually happening to me, other candidates and also within the ministerial teams involved in the decisions. Everything was so quick and so fast.

Throughout my whole journey, I faced a combination of feelings and moments, blended with frustration, calm, peace and well being. Most of the time, I got caught up in the conclusion, nevertheless remembering to release the attachment to it, something, which is quite strange and advantageous irony. The nature of human being and its existence is so complicated which I witnessed, as an observer and the interactions in this ...
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