Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay


Being a student nurse, the medical skill I have selected to write a reflective essay on is the management of Intramuscular (IM) injection. I have chosen this for my reflective essay because the reason that it was my first clinical placement and this was a widely used method of drug administration and I became a part of this process and method of IM injection.

Description Of Events

I observed this on many occasions in front of the clinical skills, supervision and management, according to IM processes. On this occasion, I was being observed by two qualified nurses, one of which was my guru. The drug has been prepared and is ready to be managed and the patient also agreed to have a student management of the injection. My mentor was there, step by step throughout my program, and informed me that I should wash and wipe the injection site with alcohol, when the other nurse interrupted and said it was not necessary. This was the patient, who then asked and complained that alcohol wipe, on previous occasions was missed, and that caused a tingling sensation in later. My supervisor said that this is acceptable, and I continued to manage the injection, washed the alcohol wipe and administered.

Thoughts and Feelings

I was aware that under the supervision of two qualified nurses, which makes me very nervous, self-awareness. Once I asked my mentor in practice, on the skin clean, I feel under pressure to become more tense and understanding. Patients here, I do not want to allow patients to feel that I do not know what I'm doing. I thought when I was already on to observe, and then my approach is right must be regarded as the clinical course of many other occasions. I feel very concerned about IM use ...
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