Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay


This paper intends to conduct a reflective study in terms of 'management of change'. The main focus of this paper is on reflecting my experience regarding this subject matter and that how beneficial it has been for me. In addition to this, to have an in depth insight of my understanding one relevant article on management of change is discussed in this paper.


Reflection has been defined as the process of examining and exploring an issue of concern internally. This has been prompted by an experience and the concept of terms of self is clarified and its meaning is also created and changed into a conceptual perspective.

Learning is considered an important moment in the development of the person. It always starts within an experience or situation in life, such as individual response to perceived inconsistency between the matter of the subject and experience. Understanding is stimulated by learning experiences for which the individual has no predetermined answers and thus it becomes itself a producer of experiences. The learning process throughout the course of life is thus emerging as a phenomenon that can occur in both locations formal delegated to it is the experience of everyday life. The model of experimental learning (or learning from experience) therefore identifies nine possible ways of learning can be grouped into three categories;

1) The non-learning (which includes the presumption, non-consideration and rejection)

2) Learning non-reflective (which means both the preconscious learning that skill learning and memorization)

3) Reflective learning (which includes speculation, reflective learning skills and experiential learning).

Learning journey relates to the development of humans during their educational process. While learning the subject of Management of Change, I learnt the essential elements that are required in an organization to embrace change. Out of four subjects that I have enrolled in first semester of Engineering Management Program, one of them is Management of Change taught by Dr.Chirstopher Sykes. The Engineering Management Program has taught me beyond the subject of management. The learning process has tremendously influenced my development. It has provided me with values of life and it has enabled me to explore and uncover my hidden capabilities to achieve my objectives in life. In addition to this, the subject of change has taught me how to manage change in my personal life and most importantly how to sustain the art of change.

The subject encompasses various types of assessments. Out of all, the most interesting one is the Team Based Learning (TBL) that includes individual as well as group activities in the class. Further, in TBL assessment technique, series of five multiple choice quizzes have been undertaken throughout the semester. Each week I had to do an individual and group quiz. This activity has enabled me to work along in a group and adapt to the changes that were necessary. Now that the semester is coming to an end, I have realized many changes in me that reflect positive elements in terms of growth and understanding of the subject ...
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