Reflective Essay About My Critical Incident

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Reflective Essay about My Critical Incident

Reflective Essay about My Critical Incident


The death of a parent can be a very shocking and life-changing experience. Suddenly the individual that you turned to for their wisdom and their recommendations is no longer available. Abruptly you may find yourself the oldest creation of the family. This section proffers resources and information for helping manage with the loss of a parent. This term paper will aim on an occurrence that I have echoed on in my preceding critical reflection. I shall use this as the basis for this essay and expand on and explore the issues that arise from the topics uncovered.

Critical Incident

The story is about year 2001 when I was 25 years old and I was single as an electrician was employed in an engineering firm, I was fired due to some unhealthy circumstances, during the same period my father was also baring a sickness with acute cancer as a father he was very friendly and we always been discussed our matters regarding job. Once a day I decided for a trip of Southeast Asia for 3 months holiday, I was prompted to give input regarding a conversation that had arisen between my dad and me. But I did know that that would last conversation of my life with my father and I lost my father in the same year to a fatal disease. I left at the scene of the crash shortly after it happened. The last time I saw my father alive, he was standing when I was leaving, waving goodbye as I backed out onto the road, heading to trip on that warm. Glancing back, I remember something unlike in his eyes that morning. There was a spark, a twinkle that accented his smile and shiny hair. His azure eyes radiated a peaceful, soothing feeling. He stood signalling until I circular the corner, out of sight. This dream is burned into my memory. My trip was into the third hour that morning, and my unit was sent to an emergency call at the north end of the county. My father's crash happened when I arrived at Southeast Asia. Iwas halted at a red lightweightweight only a mile or so from my goal. I and my friend were planning to drive down together. As I remained at the halt light experiencing this forced slow down, I observed Sharper's Florist over to the left. It was the same place I had stood as a young man tensely picking out a corsage for my date--floods of memories went through my brain as the lightweight no longer appeared a nuisance but a blessing. Inoticed the liquor shop directly ahead where my father and I had been many times before, picking out the beer of the week. We both admired German beer. The light eventually came green and I made my left turn and motored through the poor part of our home town. I memorized how each thanksgiving my family would ...
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