Refugees And Asylum Seekers

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Refugees and Asylum seekers

Refugees and Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers are now part of a localized community, often dwelling in localities with high job loss and high grades of communal exclusion. Some living communities have sensed endangered by the clear-cut change in the ethnic profile of their locality, and this has produced in occurrences of racially inspired harassment administered at persons who are seen to be refugees or asylum seekers. Some community assemblies have identified this difficulty, and are developing small-scale strategies, for example carnivals, workshops, and productions to schools, to trial to shatter down these fears. However, these plans are little scale and insufficiently funded. Legislation has a key function to play in defending refugees from racism. The equality legislation is a significant step ahead as it will outlaw discrimination in the workplace and in the provision of items and services. However, legislation in this locality is not without its flaws. The Incitement to Hatred Act (1989) has been identified as being absolutely insufficient to address racially inspired misdeed or incitement to such misdeed, and there have been no thriving prosecutions to date. This legislation desires to be reviewed.

The function of the newspapers in speaking to racism is furthermore a significant one. Some accounts and programmes have assisted to focus diversity in Ireland positively, other ones have assisted to a weather of worry by publishing or broadcasting tales on 'floods of refugees', or by labelling refugees as 'scroungers', or alleging that all or most refugees are engaged in lawless individual activity. As well as the require to address racism, there is a require to develop strategies that objective to construct a more intercultural and inclusive society: for demonstration, double-checking that the desires of refugees and asylum seekers are identified and encompassed in plans for example the ...
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