Relationship Between Fast Food Industry And Microeconomics

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Relationship between Fast Food Industry and Microeconomics

Relationship between Fast Food Industry and Microeconomics


The fast food industry is one those industries which does not have strong correlation with economic downturn. Many people take fast food as a quick, tasty, and cheap alternative in times economic downturns. Taste is one the most pressing factors for fast food lovers. Microeconomics studies the decisions of individuals, which also includes households (food consumers) and businesses (fast food businesses), and the interaction among different units. Today, we have some majors name in fast food industry (such as McDonald's and KFC), which have become the routine parts of our lives.

Fast food industry provides cheap and tasty food to consumers, but is this relationship healthy for individuals, and small businesses?


In the following paragraphs, the research paper highlights three micro-level indicators, including individuals' health, wage, and small business, in relation to US Fast Food Industry.

Health of Individuals

According to recent scientific studies, the nutritional composition of the "fast food" encourages us to consume, increasing the risk of obesity. Experts from the Medical Research Council in Britain found that most fast food has a very high energy density, which is enough to eat a small portion to increase the levels of calories in the body (Bolin & Cawley, 2007).

The doctors concluded that this type of foods high in energy deceive people by making them consume more calories than you need. This research was published in the "Journal of Obesity."

A "junk" food high in energy contains one and half times more calories than a traditional British meal and two and a half times more than a traditional food in Africa.

Along with physical health issues, individuals also face psychological problems due to low wages and long hours work. Here, an individual forgoes their health for cheap and tasty fast food (Bolin ...
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