Relationship Between Technology And Society

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Relationship between Technology and Society

The Impact of Technology


What future will bring scientific discoveries and technological advances? A complete answer to this question is not feasible, but we can venture a little. To do this it is essential to make at least a short analysis of various advances in science and technology throughout history and its impact on society.

This also leads us to point out that the discourse on the introduction of new technologies in schools and education and training environments far exceeds the potential of becoming even instrumental and political and ideological. The creation of the first major settlements in the Neolithic through agriculture and livestock caused by the emergence of the earliest civilized societies. This, together with the metal, makes a man cross the threshold of history.

Historical Impact

It is in Greece where science gets its biggest boost. In addition, thanks largely to the work of Archimedes, are beginning to apply scientific knowledge in everyday life, solving practical problems. Science is beginning to change the technology.

In the Middle Ages in the West suffered a major setback. Science becomes a cult of the Greek scholars. However, in this period when a key technological advance: the invention of printing. It would take an entire book to summarize their consequences. At the social level, perhaps the most important and immediate that arises because it is public opinion.

In the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries are outstanding works of Galileo, Kepler and especially Newton. These men created a new concept of physics, contributing further to eliminate blind faith in the tenets of Greek scientists.

The nineteenth century is that of the industrial revolution. Thanks to the Watt steam engine invented in the previous century, you start to seriously make a gradual mechanization of the means of production. This had an impact that lasts to this day, marking the lifestyle and customs of our society. Problems begin to emerge that remain of great importance, such as overcrowding and exorbitant growth of cities or school problems.

No doubt that the study of history can be deduced that the man has changed continuously over it thanks to the technological developments. You can also see that each of these developments caused an increase in the frequency of finding new ones. The only exceptions to this rule were due to the reluctance of totalitarian power, whether political or religious, scientific development, perhaps due to fear of change (Dudley, 2000).

Impact of technology on society

The technology aims to improve or optimize our control of the real world to respond quickly and predictably to the will or whim of society, although not always to their advantage. Technology is also the province of industry and enterprise commercial worthless if their products fail to meet the needs of consumers.

Traditionally, technology has progressed by the empirical method of trial and error. Technology has been at the forefront in many areas, which subsequently acquired a solid scientific basis. Technology on society pours effects on human social practices, as ...
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