Relationship With God

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A Relationship with God

A Relationship with God


A person may perceive that he has been in relationship with several people, and with God or divine authority. We experience relation with God which may include attachment, communication, and the possibility for conflict. On the other hand, this relationship differs from interpersonal relationships. Although many people witness that they can sense God's presence, and the majority of them are of the view that they cannot see or directly communicate to God. In addition, the God is seen as more powerful than humans. In monotheistic religion of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity broadly define God as powerful, aware, authoritative, and capability of being everywhere. A relationship with God cannot be as simple as interpersonal relationship. The followers of these religions see God as the divine authority, which is perfect in every aspect, and sinless (Mbiti, 1992).

People perceive that a relationship with God is the purest from all, and there cannot be any hidden feeling between God and human. It is due to God's presence everywhere. People see God as the power to perform any action in the betterment of the people. It is believed that it is the most loving relationship one could ever have in one's life.

In this relationship, people believe that their channel of communication with God can only be prayers. In prayers, one can thank, complain, and express one's views, share feelings, gratitude, and happenings. From the religious point of view, it is clear that God can hear us, listen to our views, and fulfill our demands. It is also believed that only God is the divine authority that cannot complain whatever we do. God provides us instructions through sacred books, as how to spend the life. It is clear that one can have a relationship with God, and He is the sovereign authority to keep a check on our records ...
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