Religion Paper Outline

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Religion Paper Outline

Thesis Topic: A Study on the Emergence and History of Judaism with respect to World Religions and Theology, particularly Christianity and its co-existence with Judaism

In this paper I will attempt to understand and recognize the Jewish concepts and beliefs that emerged while World Religions such as Christianity were still the dominant other. I will attempt to decipher the relationship between Judaism and Christianity with respect to how each has played a role in shaping Mankind through its teachings and brought faith to mankind.


1.Judaism and Early Religions

2.Definition of Judaism

3.Theoretical Framework

4.Concepts in Judaism

1.Belief in the oneness of God

2.The development of Jewish thought and belief about God in History

3.Christian and Jewish Comparisons


1.The Kingdom of God

1.What is meant by Judaism?

2.Diversity as viewed through Early Judaism

3.World Religions with respect to Judaism

4.Christianity's role in Judaism's presence

5.Essence of Revelation

6.Division in Jewish History

7.Jeroboam and Rehoboam

2.Historical Justification of Division

1.The Event of Tanach

2.Monarchies in Jewish Kingdoms

3.God and Early Judaism

1.Oneness of God

2.Sanctification of the Holy and the Unclean

3.Role of Mankind in the Process of Division

4.Purity Viewed as a Whole

4.The Concept of Sabbath

1.Eden and the Seventh Day

2.Sabbath and the Land of Israel

5.The Story of Judaism

1.Myths and other effects of the Story of Judaism

2.The Past, Present and the Future as explained in Jewish Backgrounds

3.Paradigms in Jewish Religion and Israelite traditions

4.History of Israel with respect to Sanctification

6.Representation of Judaism in World History

1.Art as presented in Jewish history

2.Diversity with other cultures

3.Symbolism and Synagogues

4.Verbal Symbolism and important Terms

5.Scripture as viewed in World History

7.Beliefs as opposed to Faiths

1.The representation of Dreams, Visions and Prophets in Judaism

2.Sacred Seasons of Hashem

3.Talmud and Talmudic Thought as viewed in the past

4.Torah and Testimony


1.Concluding Statement

2.Modern Jewish Thought

3.The Future of Judaism

Sources to be used

1.Donin, Hayem, H. To Be A Jew: A Guide To Jewish Observance In Contemporary Life, Basic Books; 1St Edition, 1991

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