Religious Discrimination

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Religious Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is a term derived from Latin, which means "separate," or "distinguish one thing from another,”. In other words, it can also be said that discrimination is treating people differently (i.e. injustice) for some reason that does not depend on their willingness or unrelated to the question at issue, for example, to pay two different wages to two people who are in the same position and the same conditions(Gearon, 2002). Discrimination is often due to the decisions that we make about others not based on genuine reasons, i.e. they are victims of prejudice. Under discrimination, and we automatically tend to think that others are inferior because of another race, another religion or the other sex, and so on.

What is Religious Discrimination?

In this day and age, discrimination is worse than in the past. Women and different races have more rights than in the past, but this does not prevent the company put in place that does not want to be. "Discrimination can be defined as a situation in which people make assumptions about another person based on physical appearance of a person or religious beliefs." And usually the person who knows nothing about the alleged person they are judging. Although there is no definition of the range, the state, most people do not realize that, despite the sex and gender, along with racism are the most common forms of discrimination occurs, and occurs in school and work ,in related fields(Douglas, 2004).

Racism is the idea that their race is superior and has the right to control or dominate others, and is discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race. Discrimination based on race person is illegal, but increased, after the September 11 attacks. Security issues have risen sharply in all regions, but there is racial ...
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