Religious Rituals, Festivals And Traditions

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Religious Rituals, Festivals and Traditions


Asian cultural traditions contain certain ethical views and philosophies of justice and social organization. Many argue that one can find basic principles of human rights within these traditions (Hay, pp. 56-59). For instance, the idea of limited sovereign power over an individual evolved from natural law elements inherent in cosmic or religious conceptions that originated in Asia. In addition, several Asian cultures have prominent concerns about dignity and respect for human beings. This paper discusses Chinese, Indian and Japanese cultures in a concise and comprehensive way.


In a sense, Buddhism never was accepted in China. At least not in its purely Indian form. Legends abound about Indians such as Bodhidharma introducing various forms of Buddhism to China, but these tales tell us little about the gradual textural changes which result when the yeast of a foreign view of being penetrates and permeates the life of a nation as already rich and diversified as medieval China (Hay, pp. 56-59).

Buddhism didn't march into China with the entourage of the 28th Patriarch, but rather trickled in--the way most ideologies with staying power latch themselves to the minds and imaginations of a people. Much of this trickling occurred during the time of Emperor Mind (68-75 C.E.). By 200 A.D., Chinese translations of Buddhist scriptures were beginning to appear (Hay, pp. 56-59).

There are certain characteristics of Indian Buddhism, moreover, which were abhorrent, or at least incomprehensible, to the practical Chinese mind. With its tradition of asceticism inherited from Hindu thought (Hay, pp. 56-59), the Indian Buddhist could easily embrace the kind of deferred gratification prescribed in meditation (meditate and fast moderately now; attain Nirvana later). Brushstroke The Chinese, immersed in a tradition which celebrated hard work and a satisfying life of the senses--including the sense of humor--undoubtedly chuckled at this and other attitudes ...
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