Repositioning A Brand For Effective Customer Capture

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[Repositioning a Brand for Effective Customer Capture]



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For the purpose and objective understanding the positioning tool that has been undertaken for the purpose and objective of making effective use of the tools that have been intended in the context of making marketing attempts more effective connections and bonds with current and potential customers respectively. This thesis has been highlighted and dually framed for understanding, analyzing, identifying and comprehending the several working patterns of brand positioning and repositioning that prevail in the market and also to look out for recent trends that arrive and pop up in the light of maintaining the brand.

Table of Content

Chapter 01: Introduction6


Background of the Research6

Research Question6

Research Aims and Objectives7

Significance of the Study7

Ethical Considerations7

Chapter 02: Literature Review8

What is Positioning?8

Positioning a Brand and its Limitations11

The current state of affairs18

The customer's point of view19

Relaunching the industry brand20

Relaunching your brand22

Comparing two brands: Nike and Adidas24

Difference between Nike and Adidas25

Intense competition between Nike and key rival Adidas26

Nike's Advertising and its Impact on Youth's identity27

Adidas's Advertising and its Impact on Youth's Identity28

Chapter 03: Methodology30

Research Design30

Literature search criteria30

Search techniques used30

Theoretical framework30


Chapter 01: Introduction


For understanding the functioning and reputation of branding that may occur within the market there are several parameters that require discussion. This study shall focus upon the ebbs and flows of maintaining an original, yet relevant and impact strategy that could help improves the current positioning of the brand label in the minds of the customer and as a result, helps improving the reputation of the brand at the present stage of penetration.

Background of the Research

A brand, as brought forth by the greatest pioneer minds and researchers, is defined as a symbol, logo, name, icon or any particular feature that distinguishes and differentiates the brand from other labels available in the market in view of the customer. In this thesis, the most important attempt of understanding the work done is to highlight the tools, techniques and tactics utilize for achieving brand positioning and repositioning targets in the minds of the customer.

Research Question

The research question that shall be discussed at length in this paper is 'the impact of repositioning the brand in the customer's perception.'

Research Aims and Objectives

The core aims and objectives that shall be discussed in light of research shall be:

Current standing of the brand

Question related to brand positions

Maintaining the current strata of the brand in the mind of customer

Strategies, tools and tactics undertaken towards brand positioning and repositioning.

Referring to real-case scenarios

Significance of the Study

With the accounts of understanding brand positioning, this paper shall help us understand as to what parameters need to be ...
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