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Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal (RFP): Mobile ATM Service


1.1 RFP Purpose

GLBT Pride/Twin Cities (TC Pride or Pride) is issuing this Request for Proposals from mobile ATM companies to provide ATM service at the 2011 Twin Cities Pride Festival. In requesting proposals, it is Pride's intent to contract with a mobile ATM provider for such service.


Terms used throughout the RFP are defined below.

Purchaser— GLBT Pride/Twin Cities

Vendor—a respondent to this RFP, typically a producer or supplier of the requested service

Product/service—ATM service

Proposal Instructions

Instructions for Completing the Proposal

The proposal should cover all the details that are needed to build a business contract. The proposal should be as brief and accurate as possible. It should also indicate the features and capabilities that are required but cannot be supplied by the vendor for reasons beyond its control. Further, the Vendor should provide a list of features, capability and service plans that it is capable of providing but does not plan to provide in due to cost or other reasons. Three copies of Proposal should be submitted.

2.2 Proposal Format

Proposal should be typed on white pages using a 12-point font and stapled. Proposals should consist of the following elements in this order: cover or title page, table of contents, executive summary, followed by the vendor responses to the RFP and SOM requirements. The cover letter of must identify a person to whom all further correspondence and/or questions should be addressed. Include the individual's address, telephone number, FAX number, and, if available, electronic mail address. Use of headings, sub-headings charts, tables and pictographic representations are highly recommended.

2.3 Proposal Deadline Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be hand delivered no later than 5:00 PM, Wednesday, March 18, 2011. Submit your proposal to the company address.

Vendor Selection

3.1 Adherence to Specifications

It is not the intent of these specifications to rule out or eliminate any prospective bidder. If the services you intend to bid do not comply with the specifications as written, you should attach to your proposal an itemization and explanation for each deviation or variation from the specifications. Pride may, at its sole discretion, consider or deny any deviation and contract for the services that best suit its intended objectives.

3.2 Method of Selection/Award

Pride will evaluate each proposal submitted in response to this RFP to determine the most responsive and appropriate proposal(s). Pride seeks proposal(s) offering the best value, while maintaining a high standard and best meeting Pride's ...
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