Research And Development Challenges In Starbucks

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Research and Development Challenges in Starbucks


The paper discusses about the challenges and issues faced by Starbucks. Starbucks is in a growth market, and it has a good relative overall position. The ethics and compliance within the financial environment of the Starbucks is an important aspect of the company. By examining the strategic imperatives such as how to expand abroad and understanding the international context, the paper determines strong and weak business strategies of the company. The role of ethics and compliance is of great importance among the company rules and regulations and they strictly follow it.

Research and Development Challenges in Starbucks


Starbucks Coffee Company was founded in 1971, is the world's leading retailer of specialty coffee, baked goods and brand owners. Its retail products, including 30 variety of the world's top coffee beans, hand-crafted espresso and a variety of coffee hot and cold beverages, fresh and delicious pastries food as well as a variety of coffee machines, coffee mugs and other merchandise (Gulati, 2008).

Discussion and Analysis

Strategic management is a business or organization in a certain period of global, long-term direction of development objectives, tasks and Policy, as well as the allocation of resources to make decision-making and management of art, including a series of judgment made ??by the uncertainty factors in the completion of specific objectives.

Strategic management is a dynamic management process, because the difference between the risks and opportunities of each company has different interpretations. Such as to define their own mission, according to the external environment and internal conditions set the corporate strategic objectives to ensure that target the correct implementation and realization of the plan, and rely on the internal capacity to the planning and decision-making implemented.

The Development Process

The company has long been committed to provide customers the highest quality coffee and service to create a unique Starbucks Experience, Starbucks stores around the world in addition to the outside of the workplace and living accommodation, a warm and comfortable living space " . At the same time, the company is constantly reflected through a variety of corporate social responsibility activities contribute to the community; improve the environment, the return of the partners and coffee-producing areas farmers. In view of the unique corporate culture and philosophy of Starbucks, the company for many years by the U.S. “Fortune "magazine named the" Most Admired Companies “(Howard, 2003).

Starbucks Competitive Advantage

A flexible choice of business model: Starbucks are good at different markets around the world to adopt a flexible investment and cooperation mode. Taken to enter the Chinese market from the initial business model in China joint venture and franchise authorized mode of operation to avoid market risks all the way to a good trend of the domestic market, consumer groups gradually stabilized, in order to better control the quality of service of Starbucks, for more big profits, but stopped the franchise, recycling options, turned the Direct business.

Make full use of the "living space" type of experience: in the centre of the consumer demand ...
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