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“Research Critique”

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Pressure ulcers and their treatment and effects on quality of life1









Clinical trial comparing Hydro-fibre and alginate dressings' post-hip replacement6


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“Research Critique”

Pressure ulcers and their treatment and effects on quality of life


The essay includes most of the elements of the articles being evaluated, in addition to presenting a critique, to the overall work. The critique of the two research papers intent to make recommendations for future practice while providing additional literature to strengthen or negate the presented points. It is important to keep in mind that the first paper for discussion is a qualitative research paper by Spilsbury et. al. (2006). The research looks at the problems related to pressure ulcer and their treatment, and how it impacts on the quality of life for patients. The other is a quantitative research paper by Ravnskog et. al. (2011). The paper seeks to compare the performance of two dressings, which are used, to cover surgical wounds using a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) research method. The essay concludes with a review of the critical appraisals of this essay.

The lay out of Essay is broken down into two main parts, each relating to separate papers. The two sections are further down into a multitude of parts for further explanation relating to the relevant information of the articles. Each part is further in a little detail, while a critique is conducted of each part following relevant information that may strengthen or weaken the points made in the research (Carter, P. J. PP. 25).


The title reflects on a problem relating to a problem, “Pressure ulcers and their treatment and effects on quality of life: hospital inpatient perspectives”, making the entire research relevant. The topic is specific, and relates to inpatients care only, making the findings hard to generalize, limiting the scope of the research.


The biggest advantage of the paper is that it reports a study exploring patients' perceptions, and experiences of the impact of a pressure ulcer and its treatment on their health and quality of life. This is also one of the biggest down fall, as the authenticity and relevance of the treatment is under looked as only the perception of the patients is into consideration. It is important to keep into the mind that the perception on the patients can vary because of a number of reasons not directly relating to the treatment.


In terms of the treatment of the health problem, it is vital to keep into consideration that the issue can either be simple, or very complex depending on its state and complexity. The research covers the problem from a wide angle, while the essay includes more details to strengthen the research findings with a critique perspective. Pressure ulcers are a significant health problem, and their prevention and management in primary and secondary care is high on the clinical and policy agenda. However, patients' perspectives and experiences of the impact of pressure ulcers in health and quality of life are not understood. It should be kept into the mind that the treatment of pressure ulcers should be viewed in terms of its evolutionary process, ...
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