Research Findings

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Research findings

Research findings


Through this assignment, I will discuss the findings of my research and the application of the findings on the current work environment.

This assignment will shed light on health policy and its working; look to answer the question whether National Health Insurance has failed in the United States, effects of state parity laws and the use of mental health care, look at acquisitions and mergers in health care delivery system since President Clinton's National Health Care Reform Policy and talk about registered nurses' supply trends and projections. In addition, healthcare economics, analysis of trends in Medicare and Medicaid, analysis of the global health situation and WHO concepts like poverty, health and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) will be discussed.


National Health Insurance

Steinmo and Watts are of the opinion that National Health Insurance fails every time, and I tend to agree because even with an annual budget allocation of $2 trillion, which amounts to 13.9 percent of the GDP, around 47 million Americans remain uncovered by health insurance, 9 million of whom are children (Wargo, 2009). Furthermore, the people are well aware of the importance of health care, as out of the people who were surveyed, 86 percent responded that the President and the Congress must pay more attention to health insurance, while 3 in 10 delayed medical treatment due to it being expensive.

Use of mental health care and the effects of state parity laws

The mentally disabled, through the Mental Act 2005, were provided a legal framework and some of the effects of state parity laws include:

In order to take the best possible decision for the mentally disable, the creation of a non-exhaustive list to help such people

The facilitators have a wide range of options to try and convince the mentally disabled about what is good for them

Patients with ...
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