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Research Integration


Research in the modern era has been revolutionized by various techniques that have helped in changing the overall scenario of the world. Currently many fields of studies are benefitting from evolution in research and practices. One such evolution in research practices was of the induction of evidence-based practice. Evidence based practice can be defined as the utilization of finest accessible scientific research techniques in the apprehension of individual research. EBP is primarily used in medicines and at times is even regarded as Evidence based medicine. EBP is a working method suitable for any caregiver who wants to build up research into care and enhance the improvement in professional practice. Moreover, evidence based practice can be regarded as the best scientific proof to support the clinical decision-making. The recognition of the best evidence needs the structuring of a suitable research question and reassess of the literature.

Evidence based practice had its profound effects in the field of clinical dentistry as well and the phenomena has helped in development of various medicines. In antibiotics, the results have been overwhelming with major developments. A phenomenon that was used recently was of pre procedure anti biotic. This phenomenon discusses about the benefits that can be attained by taking a pre-procedure anti-biotic. In addition to that it discusses about who should take such medications, and a description of when such medications can be suggested (Liberati, 2009).

The discussion here is more confined to pre-dental cleaning antibiotic prophylactic treatment. Major concern in treatments related to dental practices is the entrance of viruses in the blood vessels. Such a situation is usually dangerous for the patient. To prevent this antibiotic medicines are used to mitigate the effect of the viruses and helps in preventing virus to enter into the blood vessels. This phenomenon, which avoids the virus to enter into blood vessels, is known as anti-biotic prophylaxis. Anti-microbial prophylaxis can be used in cases where there are few people suffering from the similar problem and in cases where there are few conspicuous techniques. Previously anti-microbial prophylaxis was used for endocarditic and diseases like heart related illnesses (Liberati, 2009). Nevertheless, its use in different areas of expertise, such as cardiology, catching illnesses and treatments, made it popular within dentistry and related studies. Among patients receiving treatment at the dentist, there is a category, which, before being subjected to dental procedures should undergo medical treatment in connection with a history of co morbidities. At the recommendation of the American dental association-dissociation of the use of antibiotics in pre dental cleaning have several changes.


AHA guidelines for pre-op/pre-dental cleaning antibiotic prophylactic treatment

Recommendations made by American Health Association help in reducing the risks of infective endocarditic (IE). Previously there were situations due to which the disturbing heart conditions of patient placed a risk on his life. These conditions were mainly accredited to IE, but after the research conducted by AHA the results were different. This was the reason, which resulted in reduced number of patients who were required ...
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