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Research Methodologies in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology

Research Methodologies in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology

Question 1: The Research Question

Majority of the people correlate a research with an activity that involves observation of people or the surroundings, bringing some scientific equipment into use to carry out the research and most importantly, derive inferences from the observation, analyzing the collected data and reaching a conclusion. Nevertheless, the most vital shares of the research procedure are those that are connected with conceiving not behaving (Arrigo, Shipley, 2005).

A research question is a schematic argument which defined the destination or goal of the relevant area on which the study is carried on. The research question distinctly and clearly puts forward what the research would aim to enquire or endeavor to establish. The research question is a legitimate and logical affirmation that advances from a notion that is considered to be or conceived to be true, as the literature review determines it to be, and goes toward the factors or reasons that are undiscovered and calls for substantiation and validation.

Question 2: The Hypothesis

In the context of Psychology, a hypothesis is a prediction which can be subjected to tests and which reveals the relationship among leastways two features, two consequences, or two variables. Hypotheses commonly add up from possibilities or theories; when an experiment is designed, a researcher encounters as much former research on the subject of study as possible. Of the entire former study, the investigator can formulate a possibility or hypothesis about the matter of study and so construct particular forecasting and anticipation about the discipline that the researcher plans.

It is crucial to mention that hypotheses had better be as specific as possible since the truth is being sought after, and the more undefined a hypotheses becomes, the vaguer would the conclusions be. Unless a researcher is producing a research that is explorative in quality, the hypothesis had better invariably explicate what the researcher expects to take place throughout the track of the experimentation or exploration.

Question 3: Methodologies Selected for Research (Chapter 2)

A research methodology involves number of tactics and designs to mold the study according to the selected requirements. A research methodology is a collection of methods that could be used to analyze the data in order to extract useful information. Selection of a suitable methodology is crucial for obtaining reliable results from the data. According to the nature of ...
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