Research Methods For Strategic Managers

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Research Methods for Strategic Managers


In order to understand the credibility and effective stance of strategic managers prevalent and functioning in the organization, we shall be discussing the accounts of research tools and techniques that could yield effective results for strategic managers, in order to make effective forecasts for organizational progression and development (Alfredo De Micheli, 2005, pp. 59). Strategic change needs to mould for existing people system, creative technology and improved work process together, and management of organizational culture is essential to succeed in business. Additionally, development and concentration with respect to belief among employees in the organization shall substantially account for and help create the effective performance of the company.


Research Question

For understanding the credibility of strategic change management, the research question for this paper shall be 'the effect of motivation on part-time and full-time employees'.

Factors contributing to the process

For this research, undertaken we shall be covering the responses intended by individuals, who work in different organizations also analyzes the accounts of managers that have been working and handling problems and concerns in a nursing facility called BUPA care homes.

Research Question for the Paper

The aims and objectives of this paper shall be:

1.Employees working upon motivation

2.Full-time employees

3.Part-time employees

4.Comparison of full-time and part-time employees

5.Views of motivation by full-time employees

6.Motivation in the eyes of part-time employees

7.Ideas and strategies implemented for employee motivation

8.Determine the level of performance of the employees of BUPA

9.Determine the factors that motivate any improvement in the employee performance at BUPA

10. Encouraging permanent and short-term employees at BUPA to improve their performance

11.Identify any concerns and problems brought forward by permanent and short-term employees of BUPA that affect their performance?

Justification of choosing the research question

With the undertaking of this study, we shall be able to analyze the key components and forces the ideas and strategies which are in practice and newer tools and instruments that can aid and help in motivating individuals and employees around the organization.


Literature Review

With the inception and initiation of the workforce and the arrival of the era of rapid development, growth and expansion, there have been several changes on accounts of motivational attempts that have been made and undertaken for identifying individual weaknesses and strengths and at the same time making credible use of such individuals accordingly (Alfredo De Micheli, 2005, pp. 59). We all know very actively that motivation has played significant roles in the lives of people; from making a slight change of routine in an individual's daily to winning a championship in an international tournament, all great miracles and monuments that we witness and see today have all been backed and supported strongly on motivational grounds (Agnew, 2004).

Defining Motivation

Motivation is defined as the driving force behind all activities of individuals within the organization. In terms of psychology, the traditional definition suggests the intention and persistent determination, often summarized as tenacity, which a person has in terms of achieving their goals and targets. What this drive does is helping us align ourselves and ...
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