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The paper discusses whether writing a research paper is helpful for students. It highlights the key aspects that benefit the students learning and critical thinking through writing research papers. The concept is that when students conduct the research, they learn new ideas, which benefit their academic and personalized learning; these ideas eventually help them in being critical and reflective about the scientific research.


First of all, student conducts the literature review for their paper. Systematic literature review is a chosen methodology for this study. Literature review could be defined as a systematic method of critiquing, comparing and interpreting published and unpublished literature on any topic. A literature review is often associated with academic oriented theses which aimed to at developing existing knowledge (Lei, 65). The literature view extends their knowledge and makes them think critically about their topic and the preceding researches undertaken. A research proposal is similar in a number of ways to a project proposal; however, a research proposal addresses an issue whether it is academic or empirical issue. The forms and procedures for such research are well defined by the field of study, so guidelines for research proposals are generally more exacting than less formal project proposals. Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews and must offer convincing support of a research problem and its implications. Research paper is a comprehensive essay that is students submit at the end of their academic semester (Lei, 72). This assignment has to test the student's understanding of an academic course from all angles. One can say that research paper is the test of students learning over the academic year. The students often overlook the significance of writing a research paper. They often take it as a burden and a tedious task. However, they seldom remember that a research paper tests their ability to research, write, collect information, compile, analyze and interpret a topic. In the absolute sense, it is a combination of student's learning (Thomas, 239).

The advantage of writing a research paper is that, without the standard grade, a student cannot earn a credit. It is a prerequisite of all theory, intellectual, and technical courses. Whether it is law, physics, literature, or history, students have to submit a research paper. The purpose of the test is student's learning in a particular course. Another fact is that the research methodology that the students use is tested when they write a research paper. It is important that students provider relevant information that is applicable to the research topic. Moreover, this information comes from reliable sources backed with the through list of references and citations. The research paper prepares students for the upcoming courses as an understanding of the intellectual view of other authors (Thomas, 240). The research, learning and reading for the paper helps in preparing for the relevant courses. It is not only academic benefit that the student gets from the research papers, but if the research is conducted well and the findings are communicated in an appropriate manner, the multinational or government ...