Research Process

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Research Process


Conducting research is an important part of any scientific process. It is therefore, vital to perform a systematic approach in relation to research process. This paper aims to understand the process to conduct scientific research.

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Research Methods4

Qualitative Research5

Quantitative Research5

Primary Data6

Secondary Data7


Research Process


The first step of any research is to identify a subject area of research and design a clear objective within it to do further study on that particular research. Secondly, after getting secondary data from different sources on a similar subject has to be critically reviewed. To carry out proper research an ideal person has to be defined, out of which, a sample has to be dispatched for survey by different sources. 

However, to make the research more authentic, qualitative research has to be carried out in the former of descriptive questionnaire (Peter, 1983). Lastly, before completing the report, the qualitative data thus collected has to be analyzed properly and then drive final conclusion. There are a number of different types of method available for the collecting research data, for example: 






case studies

Focus group (Peter, 1983)

Research Methods

There are various research methods that can be used by the researchers during the research process. These research methods can broadly be categorized as qualitative research approaches (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010).Qualitative Research Qualitative methods of research can be defined as 'an array of interpretive techniques, which seek to describe, decode, translate and otherwise come to terms with the meaning, not the frequency, of certain more or less naturally according phenomena in the society world (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010).  Quantitative Research Quantitative data refers to all such data and can be a product of all research strategies. This method is the easy way to collect information from large numbers of sample. In my research I will use quantitative method to collect and analysis information through questionnaires. For the purpose of clarification and a further discussion with the author's supervisor a brief description for some of these research methods are provided below (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010):

Experiments usually referred to a traditional method that contributes to the study of natural science, social science and psychology. Such methods the researcher manipulates variables in control manner. Surveys are generally used to collect a large amount of data from a sample of a large population. This type of approach allows the collection of a large amount of information in at a particular time of a study.  Case studies are used when the overall objective of the study is to obtain thorough and comprehensive information of the research subjects. Case studies provide insights and systematic information regarding a specific research area or subject.

Grounded Theory: The concept of grounded theory refers to the data gathering without developing any hypothetical structure. It means that a theory is established from the data that is generated though a series of observations and then such data is used to make predictions about the research. 

Ethnography: This method is used to make an interpretation about the attributes of the participants that are studied in the research. Interviews, observations, and questionnaires are parts of such ...
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