Research Proposal About The An Exploration Of Attitudes And Perception Of Child Abuse In Zimbabwe

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Research Proposal about the an exploration of attitudes and perception of child abuse in Zimbabwe

An exploration of Attitudes and Perception of child abuse in Zimbabwe

Background of the research

It has been observed that Zimbabwe is signatory to few of the international conventions relating to domestic violence and child abuse. It was designated by UNICEF on the World Day that there are number of child-protection organizations highlighted the extent of child abuse in the Zimbabwe country, which provoked me to research more about this topic that to what extent people are aware with the fact and how it's moving to greater extent( According to the United Nations Children's Fund, there is a rise in child abuse and particularly sexual predation of growing children in Zimbabwe (

It has been observed that Zimbabwe is facing huge economical crisis since 2000. This political instability made people to leave their country land and work outside the station, leaving behind their children to relatives or with other children. Abuse has number of kinds, which can adopt any shape, such as physical, neglect, sexual and emotional abuse. It has been found that most of the children not only suffer from single abuse but with the combination of two or more. There is a high rate of children who are cruelly subjected to emotional abuse either by omission or by commission (Shumba, 2004). On other hand, sexual child abuse, particularly with female children is also very common in Zimbabwe. These facts enhance the interest for researching about the organization, who is working for its safeguard? Or it's still neglected? Previously, it had been researched that the reason of sexual abuse in children is usually depended on the forced marriages or to some traditional beliefs (Govender, 1999).

There are some people who still believe that they have to have sex with a virgin in order to cure sexual transmitted diseases (Govender, 1999). It has been found that there is no national evaluation procedure is available to identify the children in need of support, but there are large numbers of local and international NGOs who are greatly working for the resolving this issue. On the governmental level or official level, there are only few cases that get its proper documentation and rest of the other simply becomes the victim of injustice. As a matter of fact, parenting is also responsible on the cause of child abuse, which should be taken into notice in the research project. The eradication of child abuse is also the responsibility of society member and family member, if they some child is being victimized of abuse, do stop at that time or report it to the higher authority. It is also observed that there is no coordinated strategy for checking the support given to children who are abused. This is also one of the disciplines which is essential to cover in this research and may probably recommend any initiative that will check that there is a coordinated approach by all agencies and so that there is reliability in ...
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