Research Proposal - Authoritarian Style Parenting

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Research Proposal - Authoritarian Style Parenting


This research proposal aims at undertaking the essential area of parental psychology. The proposal discusses the authoritarian style parenting in specific and its relevant theories. More over this proposal also includes the impact of such parenting styles upon the children and the proposed methods for the research as well the probable limitations the research may involve.

Research Proposal - Authoritarian Style Parenting


A parenting style is a psychological building that represents the typical strategies that parents use in their child rearing. Many parents adopt their own styles and combination of factors in dealing with their children so as to shape their behaviors and attitudes. And based on the parents' parenting styles, the children develop their own personalities. Parenting styles have strong influence and effect upon the children behavior and attitudes. Mostly parents learn the parenting styles from their parents and many parents alter their styles based on the difficulties they faced during their childhood. The Authoritarian parenting style is one that leads to the negative behavior of the children. Such a parenting style is a highly debatable issue in the societies.

Problem Statement

Authoritarian parenting is also known as strict parenting because it involves strict parental rules and directions and the parents' expectations that the children would obey their rules. Authoritarian parenting styles leave little room for the open dialogue between parent and child that leads to the growth of negative behavior in the children.

Children who are confronted from such parenting style have less social competence, less happiness and less self-esteem because their parents tell them what to do instead of allowing them to choose by themselves.

Thesis Statement

Authoritarian parenting style has the strong influence on the development of children's negative behaviors and attitudes.

Expected Results

The results that will be drawn from the analysis of different parenting styles will help us ...
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