Research Proposal: Internet Social Media-Marketing Or Socializing Tool?

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Research Proposal: Internet Social Media-Marketing or Socializing Tool?


The current study discusses the emergence of social media and technology in the world of business enterprises and social lives. The study also focuses on the effects of social media on business and personal relationships. Qualitative methodology has been used for this research. Furthermore, the study also discusses the historical background of social media. Social media have affected businesses in the entire world. Businesses that are present on social media and the ones that are not present on social media, whether they want it or not, they cannot undo the impact that the phenomenal growth of social media has on the way they operate and market. Social media include social networks, blogs, podcasts, content communities, micro blogging, book marking, social calendaring etc. Today, the consumers are so active on the social media that they get to know everything about the company, good and bad, whether the company wants it or not. Social media intelligence and social media optimisation may be employed to capitalize on the opportunities presented by social media.

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Background of Research2

Research Significance3

Literature Review3

Problem Statement8

Research Aims & Objectives9

Research Question10





Action Plans11

Ethical Consideration13


Research Design15

Analysis & Discussion15

Implementation of Research Project16

Research Evaluation17



Internet Social Media- Marketing or Socializing Tool


Today, technology, especially the internet has provided with a viral platform to socialize, and formulate distinct relationships. Every day, thousands of sites talk about the influence that Social Media is having on our society. Social network or networking entails, a computerized or technical platform provided to almost all individuals having internet at their disposal, to connect and socialize with the network, group or acquaintances of their choice. This social networking is executed mainly on websites having their respective domain. There have been numerous social networking sites, ever since the internet took a boost; however, some managed to cope up with the trends and changing demands of the customers, but some extinguished and eliminated with time. Social networking can take many forms; it can be talking to your friends, sharing with them your daily experiences, your photo graphs, your videos, and even your future ambitions in terms of business commercial perspective (Tuten 2008, pp. 164-202).

Communication is the basis of a company's products where it connects the company to the customers and enables the company to sell in an efficient manner. Social networking is the most important aspect of this communication since it enhances the search engine optimization of the company, making it a tool to increase online presence. Social media is a diverse concept that engages a number of resources to share information with users and to convey the desired message. Social networks are presented as a new "place" where companies can establish "communication" with customers to offer and publicize products and services. A social network is an online platform where every user can create a profile; connect with friends and contacts, sharing pictures, videos, hobbies, opinions and web applications, among others. This means interaction, a dynamic exchange between people, groups and institutions organized under the same interests ...
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