Research Proposal: Services Marketing

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[Research Proposal: Services Marketing]



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"Services Marketing"

Chapter One: Introduction and Overall Presentation

Problem Statement

Services are processes, and hence service firms do not offer products that are comparable to pre-produced bundles of physical resources and features that are provided by manufacturing companies. rather than the outcome of the process is an integral part of the service method which is consumed by customers as a answer to seen problems. therefore the use of a service can be distinuished as method utilisation as are against to conclusion utilisation, where only the conclusion of a process is consumed or used. In the present article the marketing penalties of the process characteristics of services are investigated and compared with the marketing of physical items, which is distinuished by outcome consumption.

Purpose of the Study

The reason of the present item is to discuss solutions to customer difficulties - and at the same time the objects of trading - in a service context and the significances for service marketing that pursue from the attribute of service consumption. The analysis will be based on the research tradition of the Nordic School of marketing thought, which has been recognized as one of three major research streams in service marketing (Berry and Parasuraman, 1993).

Significance of the Study

The most important difference is the fact that service firms do not offer pre-produced products but processes as solutions to the problems of their customers. Because of the method environment of services, the fulfilment of promises granted through external trading is dependent on the attitudes and demeanour of a large number of part-time marketers. Moreover, operational schemes and personal assets in the service system have to be clientele oriented. To increase the comprehending of service processes as answers to customers' problems and as things of trading, the present article proposes that the seen service quality notion can supply a way to replace the missing merchandise assemble with a conceptual structure for designing a customer-oriented process. This is showed by a case study in an industrial service context.

In the service trading literature, services are frequently recounted by characteristics such as intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability of utilisation from production and the impossibility to keep services in stock. numerous of these, for example the first two, are not specific for services, and other ones, for demonstration the last two, pursue from the most significant attribute of services, i.e. the process environment of services. Physical goods are pre-produced in a factory, whereas services are produced in a process in which consumers interact with the production resources of the service ...
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