Research Proposal That Uses Qualitative Research Methodology

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Research Proposal That Uses Qualitative Research Methodology

Research Proposal That Uses Qualitative Research Methodology


The aim of this assignment is to develop the research proposal on “How does TV media influence poor self-esteem on teenage girls (13-17) who watch television regularly”. The research proposal is divided into various sections such as research question, literature review, methods, and importance of research to social work practice.

The research topic is of great importance as the media violence is not only badly destroying the self esteem of poor teenage girls but this is also leading to other societal problems. One aspect that has generated much interest among psychologists in recent decades has to do with the influence of TV media on human behavior. The violence portrayed in the media is more influential in terms of various conditions of aggressive players and the consequences of the action, considering that children and teenage girls are especially vulnerable to violence vision. In fact, most of the researchers agree that development of behavior in children is based on the information provided through any television programs, movies, or video games. Today, teenage girls regularly watch television and receive violence every day in new form. Increasing exposure of violence, drugs, death, or killings also cause loss of teenage girls' innocence and self esteem. It would be fair to say that innocence of children and teenage girls is replaced by a conflicting behavior of violence by watching mature and violent content on television.

Various studies on media violence have shown that the tendency to imitate observed behavior is not consistent across cultures, while at the same time, it is confirmed that the relationship between exposure to violence and aggressive behavior persists throughout the world.

Research Question

What is the impact of TV media on the self-esteem of teenage girls who watch television regularly?

What are the causes of TV program violence and their impact on teenage girls and children?

In all forms, media violence plays a large role, whether by television reports, movies, the internet, newspapers, etc. The media is ubiquitous in our lives; young people are more and more contact with violent images. One might think that these images have a direct impact on the behavior of young people because they are in full discovery of their ways so they are more impressionable.

The violence on television is very bad and evil for the children and teenage girls of all ages. Not only does it motivate the teenage girls to engage in verbal abuse and bullying with other children, but it also makes them more aggressive. In addition, these children and teenage girls who have been exposed to violence in the media, including that on the television or in the video games, become apathetic to violence and the people involved in the violence. These violent persons include both those who are the perpetrators and doers of violence as well as those who are the victims of the violence done by these people. Moreover, these teenage girls might also become so acclimated and habituated to this violence that ...
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