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Resources Essay

The increasing population and its effects on the planet


Our planet earth has seen many transitions and it seems like only yesterday that we had clean water to drink, pure air to breathe, green forests, ample amount of food and energy but mankind has been so engrossed within their lives that we failed to notice our perfect lives and availability of every resource was causing harm to our planet. The world has seen a massive increase in population and currently standing at 7 billion it is only a matter of a split second before that number will be multiplied and this constant increase can never be ceased, as long as people are alive they will continue to breed. The concerning issue is how does this increase effect our earth? The signs have been apparent for many years but people failed to notice and as we progress the world regresses in both its condition and its resources.


How did mankind come so far without realizing how their day to day activities were effecting the planet, the answer is ignorance people live for today least concerned about tomorrow when with each minute the earth suffers. The earth has a certain limit to how much it can produce and how many people it can contain. Many of mankind's basic necessities have been depreciating with time and with the population on a constant increase who knows what people might have to face.

The past generations suffered greatly by famines, droughts and dangerous diseases, plagues that swept away masses of people, with the increase in knowledge and advancement in medical treatments those epidemics have been mastered and death rates have improved. Though this might be a huge success on behalf of mankind people now live longer. Earth's natural resources have been depleting for years many people have to ...
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