Revelation 12: 1-12

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Revelation 12: 1-12

Revelation 12: 1-12


The Appearance female symbol of Purity (12: 1-2)

The female figure, who represents the essence of Christianity appears form the heaven with the sun clothing her.

The off spring of the pure female figure, will be the true ruler of humanity. The female is about to give birth to the ruler of humanity.

The Conflicting force of the Dragon emerges (12: 3-4)

In contrast to the symbol of purity, the opposing evil symbol of the Dragon also emerges from the heaven..

The Dragon represents the counter evil force, who wants to destroy the righteous ruler of humanity. It moves in front of the woman, to devour the baby.

The Conflict between Good and Evil; Good Triumphs (12: 5-12)

The male child is born, who is destined to rule the world with an iron scepter.

God snatches the child, protecting him from the threat of the Dragon, and returns him to his rightful throne.

The woman flees from the Dragon and hides in the wilderness for 1260 days.

The great battle between good and evil ensues in the heavens, and with the loss of the Dragon and his angels; they lose their position in heaven and are hurled down to earth.

The removal of the Dragon from the heaven represents the rivalry of Satan against the humans, and his motivation to lead them astray.

Exegetical Issues

Boundaries and Placement

The Revelation 12 is one of the most vigorously studied and debated passages in the whole of the New Testament; which is highlighted by the wide variety of the commentary related to the revelation. The most widely accepted perspective of the biblical text is that it depicts the conflict between Satan and his army, against Virgin Mary and the Christ. According to this view Virgin Mary, the “Mother of God” and the “Queen of the Heaven”, gives birth to the make child who will rule all the world with a iron rod (Rev12:5). Struggle between the good and the bad; is depicted by the attempts of the evil dragon to devour the ruler of humanity. In the context of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary as the respective female and child figures, the dragon can be the depiction of Herod the Great. Herod had attempted to kill Jesus, while he was an infant (Matthew 2:16), which can be compared with the failed attempt of the dragon to devour the child of the heavenly woman figure. The act of God snatching the baby and returning him to his rightful throne (Revelation 12:5), can be related to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, through which he was taken by God, to return to his rightful throne. Through the defeat of the unholy dragon, who attempted to rid humanity of its rightful ruler, he was cast out of the heavens along with his army. This defeat signifies the triumph of good, and the revival of the true leadership of humanity; but it also explains the contempt and true motivation of Satan towards all of huamnity. Due to his defeat Satan along with ...
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