Revolutions In America, France, And Latin America.

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Revolutions in America, France, and Latin America

Rodney S. Smith

HIS 104 - (ABG1009A)

Professor Patrick Williams

8 March 2010

Revolutions in America, France, and Latin America


Revolution in America, France and Latin America, the similarities and differences due to their similar attitude, but many differences because of the time, cultural heritage and the differences in mentality, but when you look closely at their attitude anticipate three revolutions completely different.

Discussing the Revolution

French Revolution

The French Revolution took place in France after the period 1789-92 (although these days are designated debated by historians) (Andress, 2004), produced in the overthrow of the French monarchy and the U.S. government. Monarchy in France has been established for many centuries and the conditions for revolution were deeply rooted, including difficulties in the development of nationalism, the influence of philosophers and demonstration of the American Revolution (Hayden, 1987).

There were other ingredients, which precipitated the French Revolution, were typical of Louis XVI, the bankruptcy of the French state, and within a very short time, financial difficulties and Agriculture from 1788 to 1789. Of all the factors of long-term, the French Revolution, the old system was probably more deeply rooted (Hayden, 1987).

First and Second Estates is the largest percentage of the earth, when there were only 300,000 of them as a community of 25 million, consisting of three fifths of the land in France. The excesses of the French Government's intention that the person has been hurt by the economic burden. They were collected in almost all respects, the sampling period, the collection of capitation fee in the field of culture. Penalties for offenses taking were high. High taxes and living conditions of poor farmers and gave them an incentive to the end of the Ancient Regime.

The time to find the middle class ...
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