Risk In A Local Environment

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Risk in a Local Environment

Risk in a Local Environment


Employees are the most valuable asset to any organization or business. They play the most significant role to benefit the firms and to fulfill the aims and visions. Therefore, it is considered to give them the best resources and facilitate them in order to increase their productivity. The most important area that is considered is to provide them the good health and safety at the workplace. The following essay will basically discuss the case study of a company. It has based the risk assessment of health and safety and the policies of health and safety at workplace. The following essay will additionally follow the risk assessment and the policies in accordance to the legislation in order to protect the employees from hazardous incidents and accidents.


The following case study is of a business. The company is operating in a local environment with the local labor. The working operations of the company are satisfactory as the management makes sure about the effective strategies at workplace for its employees. Thus, there are some incidents that happen and it has left the queries to provide more effective risk assessment and management.

Contemporary Health and Safety Policy and Legislation Linked To Risk Behavior

The Workplace is the business that is located in the local community. It has employed 150 workers, out of which 75 are women and 75 are men. The business is operating well and is providing the effective health and care policy to the workers but the unexpected incident with a worker has forced it to revise the health and safety policy at workplace according to the legislation that is linked to the risk behavior. The health of employees is determined by environmental conditions, socio-economic situations and access to education, ethnic origin and gender. Health and safety at work are now one of the most important and developed policy on employment and social affairs. The application of Community legislation has improved the working conditions in recent years and achieved considerable progress in reducing accidents and work-related diseases: There was a reduction of 17% of fatal accidents in 2002-2004 and 20% of accidents with sick leave of more than two days.

However, progress remains uneven across countries, sectors, companies and categories of workers. These accidents are accounting for 82% of all accidents and 90% of fatal accidents. Sectors such as construction, agriculture, transport and healthcare sectors are at risk of occupational accidents above average on the other hand, young workers, migrants, older workers and workers with poor working conditions are affected greater extent.

Changes in working life are leading to new occupational risks, on the other hand, are increasing other work related illnesses such as musculoskeletal disorders - back pain and joint-repetitive motion injuries and diseases caused by stress.

Legislation to Risk Behavior

Commission for Employment of EU

According to the Commissioner responsible for Employment of the European Union each year are in the EU a total of 4 million accidents at work, and economic losses related to low cost workers about one ...
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