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Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Quantitative or Qualitative Approach

In researches qualitative and quantitative both play an important role in the development of a research. Data which is taken by quantitative research method is used to analyze the results which are in quantitative form. Like market size, age, demographics etc. these data gives important information for making business decisions. Qualitative research approach is used to provide information regarding the designing of products. The data from qualitative research gives the information regarding the needs of the customers, customer's behavior and about different cases (Madrigal & McClain 2012).

In order to conduct research on customer satisfaction it is important to use both qualitative and quantitative research method. Both of these methods have strengths and weakness. But by applying both the methods will help in getting the proper information regarding customer satisfaction. In order to conduct research on customer satisfaction it is important to know about the demographics of the customer, about the market size in which business is running and about the personal data of the consumers. This will help in analyzing the behavior and demand of consumers from a particular region, about their preference according to their social status and there are also other things (Madrigal & McClain 2012).

The qualitative data will help to analyze the behavior and preference of consumers individually. The information of each customer will show that what the preference of that particular customer is. According to these information services to the customers can be provided so that customers feel satisfied. Customer satisfaction is important as his helps in gaining customers loyalty and build long term relationship. Below is the deep detail about the reasons for using these approaches (Madrigal & McClain 2012).

Quantitative Studies

Quantitative research gives result in number form and they can be easily expressed through graphical presentation. The data is in numerical form so statistical test can be easily implemented on the data. The statistical test includes the mean, median, mode, t-test, regression, correlation and many other statistical tests. These tests help in driving the relevant information of the research data and based on this information analysis of trends, demographics and groups are done. The major strength of quantitative method is that it provides descriptive (Mora 2010).

There are also some disadvantages for using quantitative research. The disadvantage is that the result does not give deep information about the customer. It does not provide the information that why customer choose this option. In quantitative research customers are asked question in numeric form like in scale or in yes or no form. In this customers cannot write about their feeling or can tell why they are choosing this option. The graphical presentation of qauntitaive data is easy and explains the results in simple form. Sometimes it is hard to interpretation the results of the data. The example of this can be taken as the customers answered a question that food taste is fine or not? So their answer was no. in the quantitative data analysis it can only be found that 90% of ...
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