Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park


The Rocky Mountain National Park (Rocky Mountain National Park) is located in north-central state of Colorado, the United States. It was founded in 1915. The highest peak of the park is Longs Peak (4345 m). The park has only two paved roads and 575 miles of trails. National Park Rocky Mountain region is located in the north central state of Colorado in the United States. This park has a majestic mountain views and a variety of wildlife, climates and environments (Emerick, 12). This park was created in 1884 by an Enos Mills, one of the first guides in the park. It covers 107,743 hectares and has 58 peaks over 4000 meters. The park is full of wonders of nature: wild flowers, clear lakes, impressive waterfalls and immense forests.



The idea of creating a protected park came to Enos Mills, a lecturer specializing in forest. He had bought a hotel where he led walks commented and wrote books about the Rocky Mountains. He wanted to include in the park south of the Front Range, with Pikes Peak and Mount Evans, but the mineral wealth of this region roused strong opposition, and Rocky Mountain National Park, established in 1915, was limited to the northern part of today, free of minerals.


The entrance to the park costs $ 20 per vehicle. Several "passes" are available: the Rocky Mountain National Park Pass, $ 35, allows unlimited access to the park for a year and the National Parks Pass, at $ 50, provides access to all national parks in the United States. Some valleys are remarkably flat: the beavers have added their work to that of ice. By building dams that protect their huts, they create ponds where sediments accumulate, which would otherwise be carried by the current (Cole, 25). Against this background, of growing ...
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