Role As A Professional Registered Nurse Focus On Patient Centered Care Teamwork And Collaboration And Safety

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Role as a professional Registered Nurse focus on Patient centered Care Teamwork and Collaboration and Safety


In this paper, we would analyze “collaborative patient care and examine the role of nurses in collaborative care”. Collaborative patient care has become a necessity in today's fast paced world. It also serves as an integral part in the performance of registered nurses. The major principles of collaborative care in healthcare and the job responsibilities of nurses would be analyzed. In order to adequately answer our thesis; each element of nurse's role in collaborative healthcare and its relevance to providing quality healthcare would be highlighted. In order to further clarify our objective; the role of a professional nurse on patient centered care teamwork would be studied. The vital elements of patient-practitioner trust would also be considered and its relevance would be analyzed in providing quality healthcare.

Role as a professional Registered Nurse focus on Patient centered Care Teamwork and Collaboration and Safety


With advancements in the field of medical science and healthcare; the profession of nursing has become quite challenging. Registered nurses are required to complete trainings on collaborative healthcare. The major requirement of quality collaborative patient care is that it requires medical practitioners i.e. doctors, nurses, medical technicians and laboratory personnel to work in synergy with each other for the betterment of the patient. The collaborative care practice is a much needed and essential part of the healthcare delivery particularly for registered nurses. Medical practitioners commonly practice in a setting which requires undertaking responsibility and working in teams with fellow medical practitioners. It results in efficient and effective healthcare of the patient (Wyckoff, Houghton & LePage, 2009, pp. 95-96).

The initiation of collaborative care needs to be centered on the needs of each patient. It is regarded as a foundation of correct medical practice. Nurses have to work hard to ensure that their patients are receiving the best care possible. On the centre of this, is the nurse-patient relationship. It is founded on the beliefs of honesty, empathy and respect; and is the cornerstone of the alliance between the nurse and the patient. Patient centered care dictates that the patients should be the centre of all collaborative healthcare procedures


Now, we would discuss collaborative patient care & the role of registered nurses to explain our thesis.

Collaborative Care Principles

The field of healthcare is responsible for leading the growth of collaborative care so as to cover the future and current needs of healthcare (Chitty & Black, 2011, Pp. 56). If the principles are designed correctly and followed by the nurses in the right fashion they can

Advance care access

Improve motivation and reduce burnout

Improve the care efficiency and coordination

Improve the care safety and quality

In order to accomplish the above mentioned tasks, a team based approach should be adopted. Particularly, since nurses are integral members of such teams; they are responsible for

Communicate in the right manner with all team members

Ensure the care is patient-centered

Foster and encourage individual growth

Improve intra-professional alliance and inter-professional alliance

Respect and ...
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