Role Of Financial Director& Hr

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Role of Financial Director& HR

Role of Financial Director& HR


In order to make an organisation successful all the departments, employees, managers and other elements of the business need to play their role. All the people from the upper hierarchy to the lower rank employees need to perform their roles as assigned by the higher authorities. The accomplishment of task at individual and group level will lead towards the accomplishment of the organisational goals. The report will take into consideration the role of the Financial and Human Resource Manager and will try to find out the ways by which the manager can accomplish the task assigned to him. The prime responsibility of a financial manager is to profitably manage the resources of the organisation. The report will in detail conduct an analysis and try to figure out the steps a financial and HR manager can take in order to maintain the cost and meet the required standards set by the ISO 9000 so that the company can get a quality certification from a renowned organization.


The company Q.S.W. Generators have delegated each manger with certain authorities so that he or she can achieve certain tasks assigned to them over a given time frame. It is the responsibility of each manager to accomplish their tasks successfully with the amount of resources available. The financial manager has assigned to tasks one is the management of cost and the second is to meet the standards set by the ISO 9000. The Financial Manager has been ordered to get the electrical services by NICEIC. NICEIC is one of the leading electrical services providing company and the labour at NICEIC is highly skilled in their work. The products and services provided by NICEIC are the best in the whole industry. There are several kinds of services and products that the company has been offering to its customers. The company is formally registered and meets the standards set by the registration companies. The Financial Manager by using his human resource management skills should be able to get the services at a discount or at slightly lower rates then offered in the market. The Financial Manager can ask for a collaborative work in order to complete the task so that the cost may be curtailed or trimmed. If the Financial Manager by using his communication and personal skills got the services buy NICEIC at a slightly lower rate then it will ...
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