Role Of Indonesia In Conflict Resolution In South East Asia

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Role of Indonesia in Conflict Resolution

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Role of Indonesia in ASEAN5

Implications of conflict resolution7

Role of Indonesia in conflict resolution7

Peace making strategies8




ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is a political, economic and cultural organization of countries in South-East Asia. It was founded in 1967 in Bangkok (Thailand) on the initiative of the United States to Stop Communism who settled in the region. Today, the association aims to strengthen cooperation and mutual assistance among its members. A summit is held annually in November. Its general secretariat is based in Jakarta (Indonesia).

•Member States of ASEAN Indonesia (1967)

•Malaysia (1967)

•Philippines (1967)

•Singapore (1967)

•Thailand (1967)

•Brunei (1984)

•Viet Nam (1995)

•Laos (1997)

•Myanmar formerly Burma (1997)

In 2005, the countries of the organization represented: 558 million inhabitants (about 10% of world population) 862 billion of GDP 26 billion foreign investment A rotating presidency, which includes the Summit of Heads of State and Government of ASEAN, Ministerial Conferences of the Member States, a standing committee which meets monthly and special committees in charge of maritime affairs, transport, aviation, trade and industry, telecommunications, etc.

Since 1993, the formation of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) with other members (Australia, Canada, China, European Union, USA, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Russia) confirmed the ARF as the first major multilateral forum in the region for formal consultations on security issues in Asia-Pacific. AIPO (ASEAN Interparliamentary Organization) is a regional parliamentary organization, launched in 1977, including delegations of the States of the ASEAN (Brunei, which has no parliament, is a member of ASEAN, but not of AIPO). The double set of ASEAN The role of the ASEAN has evolved since its inception during the Vietnam War. In a combination of anti communist ally of the United States since the end of the cold war it is trying to become the center of an Asian community independent of the major powers. It proposes to establish with China, Japan, South Korea and more recently India, a vast free trade zone within 10 years.

The role of Indonesia in ASEAN is of immense importance. Not only regarding the financial position that the country holds but also due to the military co operation it offers. Indonesia is playing a vital role in each and every aspect, however it needs further appreciation.

Indonesia role in conflict

Sense of pride and progress in Indonesia for his role in restoring peace in Indochina has been translated into three events. November 12, 1990 Suharto government has reached between the head and the first meeting between ASEAN foreign ministers of Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Van Dong visited Thailand in 1977, Prime Minister Kriangsak Chomanand Hanoi. March 15, 1992, Yasushi Akashi of Japan, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General's disarmament and the new head of UNTAC, arrived in Phnom Penh, the flag will mark the team of the Indonesian military, which is the first full battalion-sized group to send ...
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