Role Of Midwife In Provision Of Holistic Woman

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Role of Midwife in Provision of Holistic Woman

Role of Midwife in Provision of Holistic Woman


The midwife may practice in hospitals, clinics, home or any place where its presence is required. Advice to pregnant women in labor and postpartum period, to assist during childbirth under its responsibility and care for newborns and infants. Her care includes preventative measures, screening for abnormal conditions in mother and child, and the use of medical assistance in case of need and implementation of emergency measures in the absence of a physician. It plays an important role in health education, not only for patients but for family and preparation for parenthood and should be extended in certain areas of gynecology, family planning and caring for the child. (Edozien, 2004, pp. 140-155)

Middle Age and Renaissance

The ambivalence of the profession, exercised by a minority of women trained and overwhelmingly by women without any theoretical knowledge (often referred to as the matron), persists throughout the middle Ages and early modern Western Europe. In France, in the parish registers, we also encountered the term "midwife" to refer to the matron or, very marginally, that of "obstetrical. Italian alternately uses the terms "Comare", "Mammana" and "levatrice. The role of the midwife is not limited to assistance to women in childbirth, it carries an important social and religious as it has the burden to undulate when the child is in danger. It is often the midwife who is presenting the child to the baptismal font, which has served as godmother. (Chapman, 2003, pp. 13-18)

It is possible that the restriction to men to exercise is related to the need to preserve the possible deviations of unwed mothers in secret, and also to a Puritan perception of everything related to the female genital tract. It was so frequent that a mother-daughter hiding her pregnancy for the benefit of his mother and the midwife is the only time confidante of the secret family. In macho societies, where women are, essentially for religious reasons, sometimes for even as the instrument of evil and the reputation of women have a value in itself, the midwife would then be a woman.

The Scope of Competence of the Midwife

Traditionally, the midwife is a woman or a man who assisted delivery. In industrialized societies, it is a medical profession in its own right. It reports to the medical field in France as the midwife has the right prescription. The list of drugs, narcotics, medical devices that may be prescribed by midwives is fixed in time by the decree of February 23, 2004 as amended by the Decree of 12 October 2005. Award of a number issued by the Council RPPS National College of Midwives, which replaces the number ADELI managed by DASS allows midwives (professional) to receive care sheets eminent by CPAM. In Belgium, the medical nature of the profession of midwifery is fixed by Royal Decree 78 of November 10, 1967. The amended text of the AR 78, 13 December 2006 extends the competence ...
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