Roman Religion Differed From The Greeks

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Roman Religion differed from the Greeks


The content of this item presents intriguing annals, details and data about the dissimilarities between the Ancient Greek and Roman Religion. The Roman belief was more functional and less poetical than the Greek religion. (D'Arms 20)


Greek and Roman Gods

The Greek and Roman Gods worshipped by the two countries had alike functions and duties. However, their titles were different. The belief of the Romans differed in some values from that of the Greeks, inasmuch as it was vigorously a state religion. (Veyne 45) It was more of a ceremonial and a ceremony. It encompassed most of the deities of the Greek Pantheon, but was more comprehensive. It acknowledged the gods of all the countries that created the domain, and put them in the Pantheon, even Mithra, the Persian sun-god, and the Isis and Osiris of the Egyptians, to who forfeitures were made by those who worshipped them at home.


Roman Religion

Differences between Greek and Roman Religion The Roman Pontiffs and Auspices. The Romans established a school of pontiffs (religious leaders) to regulate adoration and present the higher observance, which were perplexing and minute. The pontiffs were presided over by one called Pontifex Maximus, a name shrewdly presumed by Julius Caesar to gain command of the well liked worship. There were more superstitious rites skilful by the Romans than by the Greeks, for example analyzing the entrails of beasts and birds for good or awful omens. (Ramsay 45)There were augurs and haruspices to find out the will of the gods, as asserted by entrails and the air journey of birds.


Roman Household Gods - Penates and Lares

The Roman house gods were of large account, since there was a more characterised and general adoration of ancestors than amidst the Greeks. These were the Penates, or well renowned house ...
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