Romantic And Neo-Classic Art

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Romantic and Neo-Classic Art

Romantic and Neo-Classic Art


The aim of this piece of study is to lime light the major differences between the two given paintings. Both of the paintings are depicting storms but in a distinctive manner. The motive here is to highlight that in what sense both of the paintings are different from each other. Moreover, the paper also aims to discuss how these differences are providing grounds for identifying the point of differences in the Neo-Classical and Romantic styles of paintings. Further, the paper also provides the biographical information of each of the artist whose work is chosen for reflection.


The late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are considered as the eras in which the Romanticism and Neoclassicism styles of paintings began to get fame. Both of these movements of Romanticism and Neoclassicism started spreading and flourishing throughout the Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the United States. However, there are certain differences in between both of the movements. The Neoclassic art started flourishing during 1780s, whereas, the Romantic art started flourishing during 1800s and 1810s. The name Neoclassicism is given to the movements that arose in the West in the areas of literature, visual arts, music, theatre, architecture, and decorative arts. These movements were started after getting inspiration from the classical art6 and the Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece culture. Romanticism movements are the competitors of neoclassic movements, and the neoclassic movements are mainly coincided with the Age of Enlightenment. On the other hand, Romanticism and its movements were a reaction of the Industrial Revolution. These artistic, intellectual, and literary movements started spreading from Europe to other major areas of the world. These movements are also considered as a revolt against political and aristocratic social norms related to the Age of Enlightenment. Moreover, the movements also tend to show reaction against the scientific realization of nature.


Romanticism in painting

There is not really romantic school. However, this artistic style occupies an important place in art history. It appears, or rather really takes the body in the early nineteenth century. Grouped under the term romantic style of paintings are a number of artists who share a common approach to building, focusing primarily individuals and their sensitivity. The movement appears as a break with the dominant aesthetic, Neoclassicism, whose theories are taught at the academy. Taking the ancient art, David and his students seek to find certain purity, emphasizing line and strict construction of ...
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