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Food Borne Illness

Food Borne Illness


As the world has progressed, the science has made some unbelievable developments, especially in the field of medicine. Earlier in times, there were numerous diseases, which had no definite, clear and long term treatment. Now the scientific developments and researches have enabled the doctors and nutritionists to cure even some of the devastating diseases. However, one significant development has also taken place, which is, as the world and science is progressing, new and distinct diseases are coming up, for which the science has to carry a new, an extensive research.

Food Borne Illness

As evident from the name, food borne illness is any ailment caused by the intake and consumption of any impure or contaminated food, parasites, bacteria and even several viruses; moreover, even the chemical toxins that exist in our environment or food substances in numerous aspects, which play a pivotal role in contaminating the food. The disease constitutes of frequent infections.

There is no one set pattern of symptoms which may lead to the deduction of food borne illness. In fact, there are several set of symptoms. However, the initial symptoms are nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Amongst the most common food-borne diseases are Campylobacter, Calicivirus, Giardia lamblia, hepatitis A and many more (Bjorklund, 2006).

Safety Issues and Problems Caused With Respect To Purchase and Storage

In today's world, there are numerous chances, for food to get contaminated while it is being prepared and stored. In most instances, the microbes are imbedded in the bodies of animals which are used for eating purpose. In most farms, there are no stern measures adopted for the pure and contamination free process and storage.

Fruits and vegetables in this case are no exception; they are also likely to be contaminated with bacteria and microbes, provided they are irrigated or ...
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