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Economic Analysis Report for ADATA Technology Company

Table of Contents

About the Company2

A young company with exceptional growth2

Perfection through continuous improvement3

Strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility4

Operating Condition4

Capital Intensity4

Technology & Systems5

Revenue Volatility6

Regulation & Policy7

Industry Assistance8

Industry Performance9

Import penetration into the manufacturing sector9

Price of computers and peripheral equipment9

Consumer sentiment index10

Corporate profit10

Current Performance11

Portable is in12

Acquisitions and consolidation13

Consumer segment suffers14

Offshoring and outsourcing14

Computer Manufacturing Industry Outlook15

Competition will erode sales16

Finding it difficult to concentrate17

Economic Analysis18

North America18

Language and religion19

The crisis in North America: an analysis from migration, trade and capital flows19


Synchronization of business cycles in North America21

South America24





Competitive Landscape31


Barriers to Entry32

Industry Globalization33

Industry Globalization34


Economic Analysis Report for ADATA Technology Company

About the Company

Founded in May 2001 by Simon Chen, chairman and CEO, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. strives to provide memory solutions that enrich life first digital cliente.La company's dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with designs and products internationally awarded.

Backed by expert technical, manufacturing facilities and excellent art customer service, ADATA offers a full range of storage solutions including DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives.

ADATA understands that professionalism and innovation, and the value of its products and services, leading to the company's competitiveness in the ADATA mercado.La devotion to quality requires compliance with the highest standards with respect to design ID, purchasing management and supply chain (raw materials), manufacturing processes, quality control and pruebas.A through constant innovation and development of products that exceed customer expectations, ADATA has won many international awards including recognized National Silver Award of Excellence in Taiwan, the G-MARK (Good Design Award) of Japan, the CES Innovations Award in the U.S., the iF Design Award and Red Dot design award in Germany.

A young company with exceptional growth

Starting in 2001 with only 20 employees, ADATA was from the beginning a small company with big sueños.El company's commitment to become a leading producer of DRAM memory and Flash application products led to ADATA to stand out from competitors with their commitment to professionalism, industry knowledge and attractive product designs.

Under the leadership of founder Simon Chen and the senior management team, all of whom have extensive experience related to the memory industry to manufacture and global sales, ADATA works with passion and energy, governed by extraordinary corporate values ??that serve as the foundation for success compañía.Estos of values ??include integrity, respect, honesty, perseverance, ingenuity, harmony, love and innovación.Todos these factors help contribute to substantial and consistent income every year and earnings growth, leading to ADATA to achieve $ 1 billion in sales revenue within ten years.

Perfection through continuous improvement

Despite these impressive achievements, the management team is determined to overcome ADATA. In 2010, ADATA began the process of remodeling your brand, adopting the hummingbird as a business icon and auxiliary symbol of ADATA's corporate culture to effectively improve their competitiveness in the international market, as well as prepare the company for the next decade .

The new logo brings a more modern design that represents consistency, keeping the foundation of ADATA ...
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