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Social Networking Media


Social Networking concept is new in the current business world however its emergence was started two decades ago when the internet was growing and becoming popular among the population. There is a latest trend of using social networking sites for brand promotion however the businesses are realizing slowly of using social networking sites for brand promotion. PlayStation is a fourth generation state of the art gaming console wit h additional multimedia capabilities. The product is manufactured under the brand name of manufacturing giants Sony electronics. Sony has spent million of dollars on its internet social marketing. It has used a number of internet marketing strategies. Sony PlayStation has online services which were started in 2001. Sony has a PlayStation Store which is an online virtual market which can be used by the PlayStation users all over the world. Sony PlayStation also has online social networking services in the form of PlayStation Home and Room for PlayStation Portable. Social Networking Media


In the past few years, social networking has made an impact on the world that developers would have never imagined. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are favored ones among the public because they increase speedy communication, computer skills, and contact around the world. Social networking sites have been successful ones because they allow the users to personalize their pages. The success of each social networking site is determined by the number of users and unique visitors that accrues every month. The usage of social networks has become the entire rave in today's business environment. Social network is a set of discrete social entities and the collection of times between them. Social networking has drastically increased within the business environment. It has contributed to increasing the exposure on one's business to broaden a better targeted customer base along with increasing the sign up rate at which customers and potential customers subscribe. With the hope of helping of obtain new business. This paper aims to discuss the impact of social networks sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest for improving overall business success


Importance of Social Networking in Business Context

The business world has been transformed by the usage of new technologies in more ways than one. With the usage of the social media sites such as twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube just to name a few it has taken the marketing schematic of business to all new heightened levels. Anyone from anywhere that have an Internet or Wi-Fi connection get in on the latest social media that is being put out there in real time. This has taken the business world into entirely different forms and levels to being about to market ones good and or service. A company is now able to market their brand to a massive amount of individuals that are always connected to the Web. A company “must use the internet to effectively communicate their own message” to their customers and potential customers (Denove and ...
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