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Ultrasonographer led Musculo-skeletal Ultrasound

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Ultrasonographer led Musculo-skeletal Ultrasound


Evolution of the Image Reporting Technology

The evolution in the radiologic technology has enabled doctors and caregivers, to provide an elevated level of health care to the people. The development of the basic X ray technology at the end of the 19th century marked the beginning of the medial image reporting technology. Initially the technology was not regarded as of use to the medical world and the engineers and doctors were among the most prominent users. Throughout the initial developmental phase of the technology, it was regarded as a free for all medium, which was open for use of any profession. The medical world was quick to integrate this revolutionary technology and it was effectively utilized in various professional fields such as dentists, hospital porters, medical practitioners and pharmacists. For the medical world the use of the basic X ray literally had limitless possibilities and the situation gave birth to several specialized medical professions such as radiologist or the medical radiographers. Throughout the initial decade the technology resulted in great advances in medical care, and although the medical field attained the most benefits; the electrical engineers and the photographers also greatly benefitted from the technology. Throughout the 1920s the terms radiographers and radiologists were used interchangeable, however the medical professionals were mostly identified with the latter term.

Charles Thurston Holland played a vital role in the medical implementation of the X ray technology and increasing the awareness of the general public. He was among the most vocal supporters of the technology and pressed the medical fraternity to adequately implement the technology on an immediate basis. In the 1980s era the radiologists' responsibilities were enhanced drastically, due to the ultra sound image reporting technology (Price, 2001, pp. 108). The radiologists not only had to present the more advanced and clear quantitative date, but they also presented to the medical practitioners their own analysis of the patient's condition. During this era the radiologists often utilized the red dot activity, to indicate any abnormality in the report. The advent of more advanced medical imaging technologies resulted in the growth in the roles of the traditional radiologists. The ultrasound technology was in itself a breakthrough in the health care industry; it revolutionized the role of the caregivers and brought the process of image reporting back into prominence (Benson, 2007, pp. 88).


Advent of the Musko- skeletal Ultrasound Technology

The concept of ultrasound is defined as high frequency, and non audible sound waves which are over 20KHZ. The phenomenon of the ultrasound has existed in nature for millions of years, where the animals such as bats have utilized these sound waves to form their natural navigation skills. Mesmerized by the ability of the bats to precisely fly in the dark; the human beings set out to emulate this phenomenon, and were able to effectively synthesize this natural phenomenon among the submarines and battleships. Through the use of the high pitched sound ...
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