Runninghead: Evidence Based Practice evidence Based Practice And Its Implications In Health And Social Care

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Evidence Based Practice And Its Implications In Health And Social


Evidence-based practice (EBP) can be defined as the utilization of finest available scientific research in the concern of patients individually. Major use of EBP is in medicine; and it can be regarded as Evidence-based medicine. EBP is a working method suitable for any caregiver who wants to build up research into care and enhance the improvement in professional practice. Moreover, evidence based practice can be regarded as the best scientific proof to support the clinical decision-making. The recognition of the best evidence needs the structuring of a suitable research question and reassess of the literature.

EBP was initially implemented in medicine studies in which practical decisions required appropriate research before the approval. Later on the concept was implemented in various other fields including nursing, psychology, education, library, information science and various other fields. The requirements of this sort of practice further included the selection and interpretation of a research based on certain norms and characteristics. These norms and characteristics normally disregard the use of theoretical and qualitative studies and acknowledge quantitative studies.

The utilization of research evidence to direct practice and build up related policies in human services has become ever more significant with the restricted resources and the pressures to record service outcomes. Such kind of pressures comes into view from greater than before inspection of communal expenditures. In addition to that, such pressures come with a call for information that requires answer for the possible impact of interferences on the reduction of social problems. EBP helps in providing a valid argument on the topic, which makes the research even more authentic, and people who indulge in such practice work with some responsibility.

Importance of Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice since its emergence has been playing a key role in the formulation of augmented practical theories. It has evolved the overall scenario of practical research specifically in certain field of studies where it had become essential to conduct an Evidence Based Practice. For instance in the medicines it was quite necessary to adopt such an approach as it involved certain elements of risk. Providing a valid evidence for a medicine related practice enhances its validity. With the passage of time, various other fields of studies needed authenticated arguments to justify their practical experiments. Since that time, EBP is becoming a norm in various fields of studies.

Evidence Based Practice provides following benefit while utilizing a careful an approach:



Scientific evaluation


Education and Therapy


EBP provides the practical study validity through quantifiable research. The validity of the practice marks the importance of the study that has been conducted thus providing a proof regarding all the inspected elements of the study.


Resulting methods require being purposeful and healthy. Ideally, the researchers analyzing results should be able to determine who is placed in which group. The results should be clear from the very beginning rather than being ...
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