Runninghead: Mitigation And Risk Management

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RUNNINGHEAD: Mitigation and Risk Management

[Date of Submission]Mitigation and Risk Management


The scenario given in the assignment dictates that a flood has stricken the community and a mitigation and risk management plan is required in order to evaluate the damages and loss in property, create a new contingency plan, evaluate the failure of the last and the recommendations keeping the effects of new plan in mind.

Floods are a part of the natural cycle of the Earth. They are actually good for the soil and make it more suitable for crops and plantations. Floods have been recorded from ancient history, the most famous civilization of all time, the Egyptian Civilization based on the banks of the River Nile, was dependant on the floods to replenish the nutrients of the soil where they planted their agricultural crops for the whole year. However, since nowadays residential zones and commercial zones have been created right on the banks of the river, the floods whenever occur, take a heavy toll on the life and property of the area. In spite of the best technological advancements that are used to predict the occurrence of floods, it still happens that floods occur without warning often finds the victims unprepared.


For the assessment of damages of a flood that has unexpected hit a city, one shall need to meet with the mayor of the city. Other agencies should also be consulted like the DEHLG, OPW, neighboring regional authorities and local authorities. Aside from these people the general populace should also be consulted and prepared for contingencies.

Some of the reasons why last plan which was devised failed were that even though a plan was originally devised, it was not implanted fully and with the proper steps and consideration that it merited. For instance, the avoidance part dictated that timely ...
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