Safety Problems And Issues In Grain Handling Machineries And Storage Facilities

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[Safety Problems and Issues in Grain Handling Machineries and Storage Facilities]



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In this study we try to explore the concept of “grain handling” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “grain handling” and its relation with “safety issues and handling”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “grain handling” and tries to gauge its effect on “safety issues and handling”. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for “topic” and tries to describe the overall effect of “grain handling” on “safety issues and handling”.

Table of Contents


Problem statementviii

Research Aims and Objectivesviii


Transfer of Cerealix


Chain conveyorsx

Screw conveyorsx

Bucket Elevatorsxi

Discharge pipes and coatingsxi

Grain cleaningxii

Crushing and grindingxii

Dust Controlxii

Risk of Firexiii

Risk of Explosionxiv


Ignition sourcesxv


Dust Controlxvii




Fire Control Systemsxix

Chapter 1: Introduction

Agriculture workers or farmers who are handling grain, feed and other materials are in constant threat due to the nature of the job. This paper will discuss these problems based on different literatures and present proper solutions on how to eradicate these problems.

There are many hazards associated with grain storage and handling for e.g. there are flowing grain, machinery handling, toxic atmospheres, electrical and automatic equipment, grain dust explosions and fires, falls and equipment overturns.

Flowing grains can be very hazardous for a worker as it can cause suffocation, NIOSH, 1995 (national institute for occupational safety and health) stated that suffocations under the silage was one of the most dangerous and leading grain handling fatalities between 1985 an 1989. Workers are in constant danger in this hazardous working environment, even while loading and unloading of grains from the trucks can be fatal. The grain dust flows in the air which enters the lungs of the worker while breathing and thus it causes serious suffocation.

Machinery handling is considered to be the second most hazardous ordeal for a worker. According to the NIOSH, 1995 this has caused serious disfiguring and deaths of the workers. Workers need to be given proper training on how to use these machines and how to avoid accidents. Most of the times loose accessories on the working personnel can get caught in the machines and cause serious accidents. Workers need to be very cautious in this working environment. (NIOSH, 94)

Toxic atmospheres is another concern, these working environments usually have very confined spaces which are likely to contain toxic substances and insufficient oxygen (NIOSH 1987). Stats show that a lot of deaths have occurred in confined spaces like manure pits, silos and grain bins. Typical scenario involves workers working in a confined space and collapsing due the toxic nature of the ...
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