Sales Forecast And Hurricane

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Sales Forecast and Hurricane

Sales Forecast and Hurricane

Sales Forecast and Hurricane for carlson departmental stores

The world and business is now changing very rapidly, and keep up with all the changes difficult. Many events that are impossible to predict in advance, the company plans to change, for example, launch a new product or group of products on the market a strong company, the union competitors. But we should understand that sometimes plans need only to them to make adjustments, and there is nothing to worry about. During the forecast sales account for: performance of the company over the past few years, the forecast of market growth, and the dynamics of competition. Optimal forecasting of sales and adjustments to the forecast provides a full report on the sales of the company, its departments and each employee individually.

Forecasting sales

The sales trend analysis shows a significant change in month of December each year. In month of December, sales volume boost up to 10-12% and even more then that each year. Thus, the cost of sales is much more for the month of December, where company can gain a comparative edge. Further, trend of sales is good for Carlson stores for last 48 months. They can achieve an increase sales volume o if there were no hurricane. But, unfortunately, they tend to got damage due to hurricane. However, there in durance claim is justified by the figures as the lost in two ways.

Potential way: there tread of increased sales on an average

Opportunity cost: the increase in sales due to hurricane cannot be entertained by them effectively.

This level of planning firm for the next year is divided into stages. First: an analysis of the current state of the company, that is - financial performance, sales, margins and overall profitability. Second: an analysis of recent data and their approximation in the following year. Third: The consideration of various factors that emerged only this year or expected in the next, which, respectively, cannot be accounted for analytics.

Is a study of the monetary results in volume of sales by product, sales territory, by vendors, and sometimes by customers, the sales analysis provides us answer as to what is sold in each of the territories and particular products, giving us information on who was the buyer, and is taken as a basis of comparison, the records of the company in each of the items and forecast figures were included in the sales planning The depth of analysis, accuracy of results and the degree of difficulty to do it, is necessarily dependent on adequate and available. It is common to find companies with no system of information despite its history in the market simultaneously with companies with sophisticated systems of information collection and tabulation. The most common and important source of data for sales analysis is the bill of sales, as it is usually entered the transition date, customer name, and geographical location, the description of goods sold, the amount units sold, the price unit and total, the ...
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