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Sales Relationship

Customer loyalty is a tenuous thing today. As customers start viewing corporate brands, such as commodities, and when they can so easily find and compare online exactly what they want much more difficult to dissuade them from buying elsewhere. It becomes necessary to a greater extent than ever before, to a client-oriented strategy and operating model that allows the company to stay relevant, competitive and profitable. In other words, companies need to understand what really motivates customers, and then identify and get much closer to their most valuable customers and demonstrate what sets them apart from the proposals of competitors.

The cost of customer acquisition against retaining customers can reach up to 700%, according to a report by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company as follows: • Acquiring new customers can cost anywhere from 6 to 7 times more than the preservation of existing customers • within 5 years of customer attrition rates can reach up to 50%, if the database remain inactive • companies that growth rate of returning customers, only 5% saw an increase in their profits from 5% to the enormous 95%. Regardless of your business or B2C nature B2B, there are critical steps that must be done when you run direct marketing campaigns. This applies to both online and offline direct marketing campaigns. I'll skip the basics and we begin to delve deeper into your databases. (Meyer, Schwager, 2007)

The cost of obtaining a new customer to 5 times the cost of maintaining existing customers. In the long term is much more profitable to keep existing customers than get new ones. During the time it takes a little effort, so that the client repeat purchases than to find new customers. If you have a lot of satisfied customers who repeatedly buy ...
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