Salvation Army Versus Family Service Of Greater New Orleans

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Salvation Army versus Family Service of Greater New Orleans

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Salvation Army3

Mission Statement4

Services that the organization offers4

Role of Social Workers in dealing with the Services5

Family Service of Greater New Orleans6

Mission Statement6

Services that the organization offers6

Role of Social Workers in dealing with the Services7

Compare and contrast7



Salvation Army versus Family Service of Greater New Orleans


Service to mankind is service to God. This statement stands true for the social organizations Salvation Army and Family Service of Greater New Orleans (FSGNO). Both the organizations are working for years to provide nonprofit service to the needy and suffering humanity. The organizations provide different services in order to cover all aspects of life. There are millions of social workers and volunteers working for these organizations.


Salvation Army

Mission Statement

The Salvation Army is an international movement that was started by universal Christian church. The principles are based on the Bible ( The mission of the army is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide services to all human beings who are in need without discrimination.

Services that the organization offers

Disaster Service

Disasters can be both, natural as well as manmade. Both of them result in overwhelming situation for the effected people (Hattersley, 2000). The Salvation Army provides the fastest social service in this kind of situations. The army provides emergency needs such as, food, shelter, clothing and spiritual comfort. Its aim is to provide service to the survivors along with the first responders, for example, fire fighters.

Day and Summer Camps

The Salvation Army has pointed out the importance of power of nature. Therefore, it organizes day and summer camps that in order to provide soothing effect and peace to the families. It also gives the opportunity to engage with the nature and rediscover the pride. There are 13 camps organized throughout USA (

Senior Services

Senior citizens of the country have ...
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